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What is a CFD?

A CFD or Contract For Difference is a method that many people use to trade on the financial markets.  Essentially it is an agreement between

October 07, 2011 Trader's Guides
Gold Lower As Markets Show Reduced Need For Safe-Havens

Dollar, Gold Lower As Markets Show Reduced Need For Safe-Havens

CFD markets have seen some volatility differences, depending on which asset class you are currently watching.  Overall volatility levels in stocks have slowed to a

July 23, 2014 Economic News
Oil Prices

Gold Still Having Problems Bouncing From 1300

As can be expected, CFD markets have started to exhibit some of the volatility slowdown that generally characterized the summer period

July 08, 2014 Economic News
Stocks Lower

Precious Metals Starting to Stall

CFD markets saw some reversals from the wider trends that have been in place for the last two months

June 30, 2014 Economic News
Gold Market

Gold Still Fighting with the 1300 Mark

CFD markets saw some conflicting signals last week as the safe haven asset space was only in effect for some of the most commonly traded

June 22, 2014 Economic News
Stock Buyers

Gold Posts Small Gains on Safe Haven Buying

CFD markets have a slight pickup in volatility over the last few trading sessions, and precious metals have started to reverse some of the trends

June 16, 2014 Economic News
New Trend

Positive Stock Sentiment Still Negative For Gold

CFD markets have done little to change the dominant trends that have been seen in recent weeks, as gold continues to trend lower while stock

June 10, 2014 Economic News
Gold (2)

Gold Still Under Pressure

CFD markets are continuing with the dominant trends that were seen last week, and this is telling given the fact that we are now headed

June 01, 2014 Economic News
Market Trend

Safe Haven Assets in Decline

CFD markets look to be readying themselves for new trends during the summer months, as a broad sense of apparent security seems to be influencing

May 26, 2014 Economic News
Gold and Dollar

Gold Sold as Dollar Gains

CFD markets have seen some reductions in volatility, which is not entirely surprising given the fact that we are now heading into the summer trading

May 18, 2014 Economic News
Dollar and Gold

Dollar, Gold Find Support on Safe Haven Trends

CFD markets started to stabilize after the stronger trending activity that was posted last month

May 12, 2014 Economic News
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